About Us



After 13 years in-house, and a "once in a lifetime" job helping successfully re-open an independent liberal arts college, Maureen launched MK Fundraising Solutions to help non-profits tackle their own unique challenges and improve fundraising outcomes. Since 2014, MK Fundraising Solutions has helped non-profits big and small start a new chapter in fundraising success. 

Our Approach


We believe in a unique and collaborative process for each client. We get to know your organization, your people, your challenges and your successes before applying a combination of best practice, proven strategies and innovation to suit your organization. While each client engagement is unique, we strive for the same outcome: to leave your development shop better than where we found it.

Why Us?


Simply put, we've seen and done a lot. Events, major gifts, capital campaigns, targeted campaigns, development assessments, board coaching, wealth screens and so much more. We've been in your shoes, and understand the complexities of your resources, or lack thereof. We can be a voice of reason, an advocate, a champion, a coach and a guide to help you and your organizations' leadership realize your wildest development dreams.