Coming Soon: The Fearless Fundraiser Podcast


Name three philanthropists making big gifts.

Name three institutions raising big money.

Name three fundraisers who have raised big gifts.

I'm willing to bet you can answer the first two questions in 10 seconds or less. But, what about number three? 

The reality is, we hear a lot about big philanthropists (I named Bloomberg, Gates and Chan/Zuckerberg right away) and we hear a lot about big gift recipients (I named Johns Hopkins, NYU, The ALS Association easily), but, it's much harder to recall the humans in between who serve as the critical catalysts for connecting donors to impact.

Who are these fearless fundraisers strategizing, pursuing, storytelling, asking, and asking again, and what can we learn from them? On the Fearless Fundraiser Podcast we talk to some of the world's most successful fundraisers to learn their journey, their failures, their triumphs and tales, all with the goal of bringing awareness and community to anyone bold enough to call themselves a fundraiser.